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Complete publishing services

Your Words Matter: See Them In Print

Having learned through (tough) experience, publishing is difficult but immensely rewarding. There is no other sensation of validation like holding your own bound words. From copy editing to submission to the Library of Congress, we can do it.

site design

From Web Design To Complete Multimedia Solutions

Moonbird Arts covers the spectrum of your media needs- original graphics, custom professional-grade photography, audio-video compiling & up to date web development.

ministerial services

Celebrating the Continuum & Miracle of Just Being Alive

It's not just about weddings, or baptisms, or blessings. The Ministry I pledged to serve is all about service through creating moments to love life- in all its complexity- with ever growing passion.

Words On Paper: A Bold & Daring Move

I have a firm belief that every voice is valid. Every word uttered by every human life can be made into a compelling archive of our history, or another great stitch in our tapestry of the imaginal. I never believed I could "feel the weight" of my words. Until the entire industry was usurped by the creatives, not the profiteers.

I'll give you this free advice- NEVER PAY YOUR COPY EDITOR IN BEER. That was the issue with my first book, which I'll be re-issuing. Ouch. I learned a great deal though the duelling talents of my parents and so many wise ones who've shared their time and energy to ensure I kept going. So I've went, relentlessly. In the process, I discovered that publishing is not as hard as it's made out to be, and no one should ever try to sell you on an expensive promotional package with empty promises of great sales and big crowds at your signing. That's the work of publicists and professional mongers of marketing. Book construction is a very technical enterprise, from copy editing to distribution channeling. That's where IYP (a publishing imprint with a Library of Congress registration) comes in.

Together, we'll go from the back of napkins if needed to the finished product, and I'll point you to ethical publicists that are in it for the literary arts, not the personal exposure. With the explosion of self-publishing, the industry has had no choice but to accept that this is a viable and dignified way to get your work out there. Let's face it: the web decentralized everything- or is working on it. This gives us the great opportunity to get your work out there using the printing and distribution infrastructure while developing your own rightful presence as a capital A Author.

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rocPoet, wordsmith and storyteller Jay Joslin continues his journey of awe, passion and absurdity in this, his second collection. With a troubadour's spirit and a daring verve, he makes metaphorical play with the quintessential signs and portents which remind us that we are indeed on a planet, and are very fortunate to exist at all, astronomically speaking. Originally published in 2005.



dtiUsing vivid, visionary and emotionally honest images, Jay's works not only seek to inspire readers with messages of empowerment and universal love, but to catapult them into the world of their own dreams, delicate and absurd alike. He has shared his work and philosophy of interconnectedness in various spiritual communities and many a moonlit late night rant, and now in book, metaphorical tour of seasons the Earth and of soul. Originally published in 2003, with a re-issue pending.

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incite insight

strange almsJay's next book, due in late 2013, is a significant diversion from past works. Part systems theory, part transcendent exploration, part psychogeographic memoir, Strange Alms: Lessons For the Unexpecting Wayfarer outlines divergent paths thorough the soul's strangest of territories while providing strategies for navigating the roughest terrain of them all: the internal.

oftn"One for the Nameless," published originally in 2009 with a revision in 2011. Jay's third published book is a collection of verbal alchemy and visionary tomfoolery in the form of his widely acclaimed poetry, essays and travelogues. He celebrates wonder, passion, and even fear as vital elements to existing. This collection takes you to the edge of his harder words, encouraging you to toe the ledge of language and savor the insecurity of not knowing it all, but loving the challenge of it.