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site design

From Web Design To Complete Multimedia Solutions

Moonbird Arts covers the spectrum of your media needs- original graphics, custom professional-grade photography, audio-video compiling & up to date web development.

ministerial services

Celebrating the Continuum & Miracle of Just Being Alive

It's not just about weddings, or baptisms, or blessings. The Ministry I pledged to serve is all about service through creating moments to love life- in all its complexity- with ever growing passion.

Complete publishing services

Your Words Matter: See Them In Print

Having learned through (tough) experience, publishing is difficult but immensely rewarding. There is no other sensation of validation like holding your own bound words. From copy editing to submission to the Library of Congress, we can do it.

The Whole Kit & Kaboodle

I was once told that "good art is messy." This actually came from a 9 year old but she's right- the creative process is not clean and sterile. There's no thinking outside the box here; we've already recycled it and are thinking around the campfire. Bring us any idea, because any idea is worth a little mess.


We are made, quite literally, out of potential energy. Every molecule in our body is a catalyst for movement- therefore, every resource at our avail is an vital tool to help manifest your dream.

We've been creatives for thousands of years- it just looks different now.

So, what could that be? A photo book? A promotional video for your newest venture? On- or offline, we have technology that is capable- in all its thoughtless silicone- to create beauty and utility. Want to know if we can do it?



The next big step is the development of apps on the Apple platform. This is still an area in its infancy but it's up and crawling. If you have an interest in app development, get in touch- if it's beyond my scope I'll happily refer you to a competent and very cool area certified professional.

Site Design Packages

  • First things first: I am often shocked at the prices charged by most design and PR outfits. This work is not this hard and to charge so exhorbitantly is unethical. I also believe in teaching as I go, so you can learn the behind the scenes of what I do (if you like). I also operate on a principle of "pay what it's worth to you." Any of the packages below are open for negotiation, and special rates are applied to registered non-profits.
  • And another thing: I am against gaming search engines in ways that may initially spike your traffic only to get you penalized later. Many "SEO" tactics rely on the short term bump; I'll work with you on how to build an ethical long term and growing presence online without sacrificing your search rankings.
  • Basic single page with moderate graphics $200
  • Enhanced index page with custom graphics $250 and $50 for each additional page
  • Handcoded or complex index with databasing, original graphics & multimedia $1000
  • Consultation is always free! Of course! All basic work is $25/hr; enhanced work, including hardware, custom graphics and handcoding is $50/hr. Anything involving proprietary sandboxing (e.g. Apple/Chrome Apps) may be negotiated at a flat rate.
  • Custom video and sound production: $75/hr on site and $50/hr editing and post-process. Negotiable if included in an above package.


"Jay's photos show consistent vision and exploration, as well as being quite beautiful. He's probably my most-favorited person on flickr, and if I could click on him and put a big star on his head on real life, I would do that too.".

"Matildaben"- Social Media Magnate