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ministerial services

Celebrating the Continuum & Miracle of Just Being Alive

It's not just about weddings, or baptisms, or blessings. The Ministry I pledged to serve is all about service through creating moments to love life- in all its complexity- with ever growing passion.

Complete publishing services

Your Words Matter: See Them In Print

Having learned through (tough) experience, publishing is difficult but immensely rewarding. There is no other sensation of validation like holding your own bound words. From copy editing to submission to the Library of Congress, we can do it.

site design

From Web Design To Complete Multimedia Solutions

Moonbird Arts covers the spectrum of your media needs- original graphics, custom professional-grade photography, audio-video compiling & up to date web development.


Celebrating Love - In All Forms

OK, so everyone loves a wedding. But sometimes, it feels too much like a business deal, or even a funeral. I put the emphasis on the unique story of the couple who aren't so much tying the knot- they're making the rope- in the presence of those they love and cherish.


Here's the thing: love is about love, but love is a very big thing. Perhaps as big as the Universe, so whe you make the choice to marry, you're diving into a very deep pool of interconnection. I meet with the couple- of any gender pairing- and provide a wee bit of homework that will later become something that my couples have come to treasure. It's YOUR day and your service- you tell me what elements, spiritual, secular or spectacular, are important to you. It's in there. It's an honor for me to do this, so we'll share in a blessing together that you'll never forget. I have even been called back to bless and name their children. What joy! And plenty of laughs.

And let's get this part out of the way. The awkward question so many nervous couples ask is "how much?" My answer: "What it's worth to you." If it's worth a pizza, I'll probably be hungry. The privilege of ordination is not meant to earn one a profit, or even a prophet. It's a seal of commission, that you've been charged to do good work. This is a part of it. I am hoping soon to be re-ordained into a deeper affiliation, and that "charge" will stay the same.


  • Weddings
  • Recommittments
  • Naming & Baptism Ceremonies
  • Memorials
  • Guest Speaking & Invocation
  • Behavioral Health Management with Pastoral Support
  • Ritual Planning
  • Community Outreach & Issue Advocacy

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Mission Statement

My Ministerial Oath:

"Bound me quick by thy yoke, drafting me to toil in the fields of knowledge and to pour only the water of love."

I am committed to revealing the wisdom of religious and mystical traditions from across the Earth, while uplifting the gifts of logic and well-discerned knowledge that science and philosophy continue to develop, giving us profounder gifts of understanding of our miraculous and singular nature. Furthermore, I believe in the wisdom of the everyday; while teachers and saints bless us with inspired thought from gilded books, I believe in the teachings of "the least of these." I believe Kurt Vonnegut was on to something when he said "Blessed are the cracked, for they let in the light." The human mind- and organism- is a wonder to inhabit and use. I believe we need to use these tools for the greatest common good, and that good is a reflection of God. Wholly unfiltered love is a reflection of God. And God is so much more than we'll ever know, and that it fine. I savor the mystery of not knowing, as this forces me to know more, even if I'm lost in a maze. At least it's a-maze-ment. It is my greatest cause to further our development by transcending the ordinal and accepting, with Holy Awe, that you (in the words of Carl Sagan) "are the Universe experiencing Itself." With such a gift already fomented, we must protect it by standing for justice, teaching virtue, and seeking common ground with all of our human family, letting the distinctions fall into the Earth to regenerate into something far more fertile.

My Community in Asheville, NC

It's with profound gratitude to my dear friend and mentor, the Rev. Howard Hanger, founder and minister of ritual of Jubilee! Community that I've found a spiritual home. He has made Jubilee a very unique place to call home for hundreds, and thousands over its 23 years: