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A rainbow of professional services for one of the most colorful regions on Earth.

From inspirational public speaking and celebrating of all of life's important moments to comprehensive design services on- or offline, MMMCS will take on tasks that give you more time with the mountains... and the moon.

site design

From Web Design To Complete Multimedia Solutions

Moonbird Arts covers the spectrum of your media needs- original graphics, custom professional-grade photography, audio-video compiling & up to date web development.

ministerial services

Celebrating the Continuum & Miracle of Just Being Alive

It's not just about weddings, or baptisms, or blessings. The Ministry I pledged to serve is all about service through creating moments to love life- in all its complexity- with ever growing passion.

Complete publishing services

Your Words Matter: See Them In Print

Having learned through (tough) experience, publishing is difficult but immensely rewarding. There is no other sensation of validation like holding your own bound words. From copy editing to submission to the Library of Congress, we can do it.

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Thanks for visiting, and I hope we can do good work together- at the least, may we all do good work for others regardless of personal gain. It makes the party more fun.

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